Meet Our Team

Meet some of our team members – We’re quite a fun bunch. Professionally qualified in Marketing, Google Analytics & Adwords Certified, with loads of experience in Sales, Marketing, CRM, Design & Development.

Ritish Luchan (Managing Director & Co-founder)

Ritish is the Managing Director of Kade Media Solutions which is a full service Digital Marketing agency. He is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Google certified (Adwords & Analytics) and has a broad experience in digital marketing, media & project management.

He has worked with some of the world’s largest brands and also helps small and growing organisations to build more business proof in terms of market reach by utilising online marketing techniques such as SEO, PPC and CRO. He also helps with marketing audits and plans, devising business strategies that leverage the technologies that SMEs can harness to their best ability and achieve a Marketing Return On Investment.

Akhilesh Juglall (Director)

Akhilesh is the Secretary of Kade Media Solutions. He currently helps to project manage campaigns from different industries and also adds his own twist on them due to being an expert in business and back office systems, including KYC.

Akhilesh has a Honours in International Business Management from the University of Mauritius, and has also been an executive member of the Management Society at UOM. He is really keen in supporting the growth of SMEs, and as such he handles the website design/redesign section of the business, and helps businesses to get grants to improve their technology, and faciliates their growth pattern. He has assisted numerous clients to lift off the level of their business activities by deploying the right business infrastructure.

Sanchay Juglall (Director)

Sanchay joined us recently as a Business Consultant and serves as a Director of Kade Media Solutions. He is a Banking & Finance honours graduate from UOM. He currently handles the security side of the business, with CCTV and video surveillance systems, also deals with office computer systems & hardware. Clients really rely on him when deploying servers, including disaster recovery and file backup systems for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Claire Holt (Admin & Student Support Exec)

Claire is in charge of Administration and all things Client & Student Support at Kade Media. She is the first point of contact for our clients with regards to media, website, marketing, training, IT business continuity, software & hardware, and tech purposes. Claire joined us with some good experience with regards to logistics, supply chain and customer service, so we are happy to have her around running things smoothly at Kade Media.

Sam Hare (Business Analyst)

Sam has worked in some of the most recognised and famous financial institutions in the City of London such as Barings Asset Management, LCH, to name a few. He helps businesses grow by devising risk mitigation strategies together with ways of using digital technologies to keep ahead of the curve. As a business analyst in Kade, he helps most of our clients to close gaps between their projections and propel them there even faster and with the right momentum.

Ann Feloy (PR Account Manager)

Ann is an award winning documentary producer. She started her career in traditional PR, working for various companies, then over the years found a lot of joy working as a playwright and also as an English teacher in Dubai. Nowadays, she is much more focused on the third sector, has been featured on LBC radio, the BBC, and traditional press with regards to that. As our PR Account Manager, she’s also managing our clients with their press requirements and content.

We work with you and for you - In partnership

We consider ourselves as the third arm of your business.

A lot of care is taken even before the onboarding process, for any type of project we will assess your business from a marketing perspective to project possible opportunities that might stem off our work.

We don’t believe in just working for your business, our faith resides in working together with you – in this way, we are able to savour our work.

In this respect, we are able to grow alongside your business and take pride in ensuring that you keep on growing.


I don't have a marketing department?

With us, you no longer require a marketing department – feel free to offload your marketing strategy to us and will work around that to craft a digital strategy that uplifts your business.

I want to tap into the online market for my products/services?

If you feel the time is right for your business to start taking a share of the online market for the products/services that you already offer via traditional routes, then feel free to let us know.

I want my website to have a user experience?

As a business, if you don’t have an online marketing department, you will already have a website being managed by your IT manager. If you wish to infuse the right dosage of marketing messages and tweak the website to make it more commercial, then someone in IT won’t be able to upscale that – digital marketing will.

I understand MROI, do you?

Marketing Return of Investment doesn’t mean looking to get a return for every pound spent – The Sales viewpoint will get you drowned and a Financial one will ensure you keep on sinking until you hit the bottom. A marketing approach to ROI ensures that both Sales and Finance are happy.


Some of our clients

These are some of our clients who have agreed to be featured on our website. Most of our clients have an NDA - that's how we like it.



We are very transparent in our way we work around client briefs, reporting and invoicing. In the same way, we have NDAs to make sure we can work together, in total confidentiality.



We are associate members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and certified by Google, so one can expect the highest level of ethics involved in SEO, PPC and Design.



We are honest about how we can move your business forward – if we can’t we will tell you. We can also give you guidelines to strike the right momentum in your business.