Email Marketing

Who said emails don't work?

Email marketing still is alive and kicking - now there's more, we are talking about email marketing automation!

We start by getting under the skin of your audience to craft an email template that really fits your website, your offerings and your messages. We have direct relationships with a broad range of ESPs (Email Service Providers) and in that sense are able to integrate the best email marketing system which is relevant to your business and your customers.

We design and build and whilst executing, we also test and fine tune for the best results in your digital marketing strategy.

Template Builds

Content Email Checklist

Data Segmentation

Email Nurture Programmes


Can automation systems help my email marketing?

Gone are the days of just doing an eshot or newsletter without getting proper stats of who's opening and engaging with them!

Marketing automation systems are also available – we are Hubspot certified and have a number of partnerships with other inbound marketing providers. That effectively means that we implement email nurture systems to ensure your e-shots and newsletters achieve the best results in terms of leads engaging with your direct communication efforts.

Combining direct emails with your other marketing channels is a very effective way of increasing the engagement rates with your target audience and making sure that they stay up to date with what your business is offering to them, driving sales and building loyalty.