Pay Per Click (PPC)

Keeping it together with Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is more about using online advertising to reach your audience and is often known as Pay Per Click (PPC).

This perfectly complements SEO as it allows you to be visible for certain key keywords as from Day 1. Google Adwords and Bing Ads are examples of SEM. We are Google Adwords certified and in that way are able to devise, recommend and implement the right online advertising pay per click campaigns.

Ad Copy & Positioning

Landing Page Optimisation

Account Management

Campaign Reach


Understanding competitive space?

Whether it's Google, Bing or even Remarketing ads - check your competitors first!

It is also important to benchmark and track online competition, understand competitor campaigns, realise what works for your competitors and what works for you, then be able to devise a PPC campaign that is unique to you and attract business from competitors.

That means SEM also heavily uses analytics to be able to connect the digital journey by using data, analysis and a lot of expertise in connecting the dots. We are also Google Analytics certified, so that means we work with you as a strategic partner to be your eyes in terms of digital and report how your digital funnel is working whether it’s SEO, PPC and even social media if needed.