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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is all about giving your business the visibility for the right keywords on popular Search Engines such as Google and Bing. We use ethical methods to inform Google how to classify your website and serve the right website pages for the relevant keywords your audience are searching for.

Search Engine Optimisation is not just about keywords or your content on your website – it is about whether you have equipped your website with the right messages and tools that will help forge your business into the repertoire of Google and lift you up in the search results. More online visibility translates into more exposure for your business which in turn can mean more leads.


Pay Per Click

PPC to us is more synonymous of Search Engine Marketing which involves using PPC strategies to showcase your business or your products/services to your audience at any point of time and on any platform.

Pay Per Click is a model which involves paying only when someone clicks, however, that model has involved and nowadays, one can choose between brand awareness, click maximisation or lead conversions and even mix those objectives – Search Engine Marketing caters for that.

Why wait another day when you can be generating more leads and closing more business right now?


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversation Rate Optimisation is not a new concept – it is actually Kaizen (continuous improvement principles) being applied to how a business handles its online marketing efforts in a wider digital strategy.

CRO is about optimising the right touchpoints to not only improve customer experience but to also strengthen the pipeline of leads that each customer interaction can churn out when your target audience are tuned in to your messages.

Whenever your business is making efforts to welcome new leads or even get existing customers to repeat purchase, it is critical to infuse data layers into your online marketing to measure, track and optimise your sales pipeline which leads to more Marketing Return of Investment!

Email Marketing

Direct marketing to your audience

Email marketing still is one of the most cost effective methods of reaching out to your existing database, obtain new leads from your digital channels, and communicate with those who have already purchased from you.

Today, we hear about nurture programmes and marketing automation, and all that means is having specific direct email marketing campaigns that follow up with visitors once they become leads or with existing customers.

Eshots and Newsletters are very cost effective methods to bind your other online marketing approaches – this ensures that you’re leveraging your channels to ensure you get the best engagement rates and ROI from your marketing communications.

Social Media Management

Hit your customers in the heart

Some businesses were reluctant to get their feet wet with social media – but not anymore. We are afraid that social media has actually leapt out of the ocean, grabbed businesses and pulled them in. This means that all businesses are now in open waters – any business is subject to being appreciated, hated and criticised on social media.

Hence the reason why we have the social media management service – better be in control than not be, especially in terms of your online reputation. Whether your business has a LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube profile – you will need to manage them and it is critical to have guidelines in place for you as a business, for your employees and for your customers.

The same customer can now be hanging out on numerous social media platforms at different times of the day, so context becomes very important should you wish to run retargeting campaigns on social media for your leads, customers and clients.

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