Social Media Management (SMM)

Social media is not for me? Right!

Social media platforms have now evolved in such a progressive way - if you're not optimising your social media, you are lost!

You might be thinking what if my customers don’t use social media at all – well everybody does, even the ones who have one foot already in the grave do! Forgive our bluntness, but the mindset of dismissing that social media doesn’t apply to one’s business is long gone. It is important to identify which social media channels your target audience hangs out on and then be able to prioritise the impact and reach of your messages with respect to branding and marketing.

Social Listening & Monitoring

Social Media Strategy

Message Redistribution

Brand & Follower Management


Leveraging social media to amplify your campaigns and offers?

Social media channels are perfect for retargeting people who have already seen your website or email!

Through the use of Digital PR, we are able to reach out to the correct audience of bloggers, online publications and journalists who are then able to push the word out there for your business.

As an agency, we have direct relationships with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and are able to manage your business profiles on there with the best results. In terms of social media advertising as well, we are able to handle Facebook Advertising, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and also able to tap into newer platforms such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live.