Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Want to rank your website on Google with the right keywords?

SEO is the technique of optimising your business for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

We use a variety of marketing techniques that will position your business online in the right way in the medium and long term. Nowadays, SEO is not just about improving your online visibility, there is much more to it.

That effectively means understanding the online landscape with respect to what you offer (online competition) and doing a marketing audit of your business (to position your business online). We use a mix of all those techniques listed on this page to be able to ethically outmanoeuvre competitors and persuade the search engines to classify your business in the right way,

The keywords will then help to calibrate your website accordingly as your website is not just a website, it then becomes an online funnel for lead generation – with the right balance between design, web coding, the right content, the user experience up till the user interactions with your services on your website.

SEO Audit

On Page & Off Page SEO

Brand Protection

Technical SEO

Local Search

Link Building


Improve SEO Rankings? Is there a 6 month strategy for this?

We have a comprehensive onboarding process which ensures the foundations are laid out properly!

For us, SEO is about devising and following a marketing strategy that allows you to be visible online to the correct audience by discovering and understanding what keywords they are using to find businesses such as yourself.

So we implement an approach that would not just rank for your website in the short run but also in the long run whilst working constantly with search engine algorithm updates to make sure your business maintains the momentum.